Insurance is not a dirty word

Insurance is not a dirty word!


Tradie advice: Don’t get caught being under insured.
Check if your policy will cover the costs of re-building a home that meets strict fire safety standards. A home valuation company can provide an independent estimate.

Stories emerged after the 2013 fires of people who were unable to re-build on their land because the cost of building to new standards had more than doubled what they had allowed for in their insurance policies. Many others had to go into additional debt or downsize their homes to make ends meet. Insurance is there to get you back on your feet in a crisis and requires careful consideration.

Make sure you understand your insurance policy.
It may prove helpful to call and speak to your insurance provider to clear things up. The right coverage can give you peace of mind in a stressful time.

For some independent information on insurance we recommend these online resources:

Insurance Council: Understand Insurance tips and advice

Choice: Bushfire Cover Update

These two pages will give you an idea about what’s expected if you need to re-build in the Blue Mountains.
Understanding the reason for additional costs will help you determine the amount you will need to insure for in case of damage or loss of property. Construction in a bush fire prone area Building in a bush fire area