Checklist: Your Ignition Mission

Here is a simple task that will save you precious time in a bushfire.

Make a list of trouble spots around your home

These are the places that could trap combustible debris – every home has them.

You will need to check them before, during and after a fire to ensure burning embers can’t get a hold.

You will thank yourself because:

  • you can easily monitor them on a regular basis (eg. a yard chore list);
  • you can refer to it on the day of a fire;
  • if you decide to stay and defend your home this list could help you focus and stay calm; and
  • it gives you a reminder for places to check after a fire front passes.

HINT: Common ignition trouble spots are, the join in the corner of your roof or gable, behind water tanks, the carport, under the deck, corner nooks and anywhere you have trees near your buildings. 

Make sure access to your roof cavity and under the house are always kept clear and that ladders are kept handy to reach them.

The weekly check: Give your list pride of place in your home, and check your trouble spots weekly during Bush Fire Season, especially after high winds.

How’s the serenity…