Build an Emergency Kit

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, from the common blackout to a multi-day evacuation. Your box is your go to place for all of these.

But what is an Emergency Kit? You’ve probably guessed it right – it’s a stash of things you’ll wish you had when an emergency has happened. We’ve prepared a list and the steps to build one.

It should only take you half an hour which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Every house needs an Emergency Kit


Your kit will contain the simple items that you wish you had, whether you need to evacuate or if your home loses services like water or electricity.

Step 1: Find a large plastic storage box. Even an old suitcase will do. Now let’s get to work…

Step 2: Fill your box.

Your emergency kit should contain:

  • Battery operated radio
  • Battery operated torch and/or lantern
  • Spare batteries (ensuring you have the right size for each unit)
  • First Aid Kit with manual
  • Combination pocket knife/bottle and can opener
  • Candles and waterproof matches
  • Woollen blankets
  • List (written or printed) of important contact numbers – see below
  • Important documents – Passports, ID, Insurance documents, digital backup. Place them in waterproof bags.
  • USB battery bank for phone or tablet charging is a great idea

Are there any special items that are unique to your life or household? Families with small children, babies and coffee addicts may consider something to boil water if there is an electricity outage. A camping stove could really make life easier.

Step 3: Make a shopping list of anything you’re missing and go to the shop, there’s no time like the present.

Step 4: Today is the ‘birthday’ of your Emergency Box. Mark it on your calendar so you have an annual reminder to check that all your gear is in working order and safe to use.


Storing your box: Make sure this box is easy to access and that everyone knows where it is.

Using your box: Don’t forget to replace anything you use as soon as you can.

Look after your emergency box and it will look after you.

Ring-ring… ring-ring…

A list of important numbers is priceless during an emergency. Write your list, including who you will call when you leave and who to call for information.

Here is a list of useful numbers that we prepared earlier. Download it, open it in Word or similar, and make it yours!

National Broadband Network

Is your home phone service connected to the National Broadband Network? Find out what happens in a power blackout and about battery back up.

Call Tree

Get your message out quickly with a Call Tree. Ask a friend or relative to call a three people to spread your message, such as to let everyone know that you are OK. This will take the pressure off you, leaving you to focus on what you really need to be doing. It will also take the pressure off an overloaded phone network when there is an emergency in your area.

Well done! Now you’re better prepared.

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And if you’ve not made one already check out our post about your personal Grab Bag. Don’t forget the undies!